As we welcome the Spring Solstice with gratitude and perhaps one less layer of clothing, let us take pause and notice the work that will pour in from the outside to make our physical appearance and environment new, renewed and ready for show. It is no mistake that as the ice starts to thaw and the days lengthen, gym, sporting, beauty salon and yoga attendances begin to soar. We start our physical preparation or the summer season now and though that may be a great motivator for the outside appearance, we often neglect and overlook the importance of a nurtured and balanced inside.

Below are simple ways to welcome the new season and optimize our entire bodies so we can look, feel and be our best in Spring.

  1. Sun Salutations- Do as many sun salutations to greet the morning and set your intention on what you will say “yes” to this day. A sun salutation is a moving meditation that includes breath and body movement. A video tutorial of how to do a sun salutation can be found here:
  2. Meditation (15-20 min is optimal)- After you wake in the morning, make time to sit comfortably and close your eyes and recite silently to yourself a positive affirmation on something you want to give light to. Maybe it is to have a peaceful day. Perhaps it is to invite more love and light into your day. Do this with ease and calm. If you must, wake up a little earlier in your day to fit meditation in. Work up to two meditations (another in the early afternoon). This will help clear the mind and lead to less reactive states of being when things may go as unplanned.
  3. Take your Magnesium. I start my day off with an ounce of Magnesium Bicarbonate (liquid form). This not only helps to alkaline my internal environment, it gives a calm to my entire being. Inflammation on the inside equates to being inflamed on the outside.
  4. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Each day, write down three things you are grateful for (this can be done any time in the day). I like to keep my journal by my bed so I jot down three things that happened in the day that I give thanks to. This exercise keeps your mind living in the abundance instead of lack. Then you will be searching for things to be grateful for. It is a great practice to have!
  5. Diffuse Lemongrass, Wild Orange, Jasmine, Melissa, Blue Tansy or Rose. These essential oils have an almost magical way of raising the body frequency and making your entire being happier. There is a lot more science to this, but just trust me. . . It is just good to do it and the effects are almost instant. If you do not have a diffuser, invest in one, and in the interim, wear them on your essential oil jewelry (
  6. Drink a Green Smoothie! Put in raw, live (organic if possible) fruits and vegetables with fresh spring water, almond milk or coconut water, bananas, hemp seeds, flax seeds, spinach, kale, dates, and anything else that sounds delicious together into a blender and drink it up! This is the fastest food out there that will infuse your whole body in less than 20 min. Raising your body vibration with good and live foods translates to feeling happier, better energy and great skin and hair. Who doesn’t want to glow from the inside and outside?
  7. Get some sunshine. Not only is sunshine the direct cure for boosting the immune system because of the Vitamin D it helps our body to create, but it helps cultivate the happy feeling hormone of serotonin that we all thrive on. 15 minutes a day. Get outside, feel the sun on your body and just breathe.

Happiest Spring! Hope you get a lot of hop in your step and happiness in your cup!