Our intellect is an ideal advisor, mentor and educator.  It works best as an historian, chronicling the cause and effect of events and their outcomes.  But, the trouble with our intellect acting as our sole authority and decision-maker is that it is susceptible to social conditioning.  And, its rules are shaped by the outcomes of past decisions, particularly those that didn’t go well.  In that way, our intellect lacks innocence.So by what authority does the fine level of feeling have to rule the initiation of action?

Its authority is that it is born of the intersection between our subtle sensory self and the world around us.  Our intuition detects life’s evolutionary trend, and creates a frictionless path of action in accordance with it.

Although our intellect may not always be in agreement, when our fine level of feeling reigns supreme, we don’t need to wait for the intellect to give its final OK.  Instead, we act naturally and spontaneously on that level of feeling.

The more we stay regular with our meditation, the more our senses are purified and therefore the stronger our intuition becomes.   We take action, and although we may not always be able to provide a reason why, we have a sense of knowing that it is right action.

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