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Health Access Connect is a Ugandan public healthmedical humanitarian organization working in remote villages on the shoresin the islands of Lake Victoria to assist patients whose health is neglected by distance, time, and expenses necessary to visit the nearest health centre clinic. In 2014, HAC implemented the Medicycles program to bridge the gap between the patients and the clinics.

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Health Access Connect (HAC) links Ugandans in remote areas with healthcare resources.

We are an NGO based in Kisasi, Kampala, Uganda, and we have a partnership with the Pie in the Sky Foundation, which is based in Dallas, Texas.

Problem: In Uganda people who live in remote areas have trouble accessing basic healthcare. There are clinics and doctors, but patients often have to travel far, which can be expensive and time-consuming. HIV has reached epidemic levels in fishing villages surrounding Lake Victoria: upwards of 20% in some places.

In some rural areas of Uganda, there is only 1 health care facility per 20,000 people. To reach the nearest health facility, people have to travel more than 10 miles (16 km) and pay $4-$10 to reach the nearest health facility, which is a significant financial burden to most people. Those difficulties make healthcare inaccessible for many Ugandans.

Opportunity: Uganda has clinics, medical professionals, and a lot of services available to citizens at reasonable prices and some occasionally free of cost. While there may not be health workers near all villages, there are many ways to reach the people who live there (edit: who would otherwise be inaccessible).

All Ugandans are granted free access to health services at government health facilities. Services include pre-natal care, child checkups, anti-retroviral treatment (ART), vaccines, malaria testing and treatment, heart medication, and deworming. We just need to help connect Ugandans to their health system!

Solution: Medicycles facilitates the implementation of monthly 1-day comprehensive health clinics in remote villages by transporting health workers with medication and equipment to and from health facilities via motorcycle taxis.

We achieve this through 3 components:

1) MICROFINANCE. We offer low-interest loans to experienced motorcycle taxi drivers to purchase their own motorcycle. The loan allows the motorcycle taxi driver to start a small business and improve his income.
2) 1-DAY CLINICS. As a condition of this loan, drivers must service 3-4 villages with monthly clinics. They transport 3 health workers and their equipment to villages, and those health workers provide services, including anti-retroviral treatment, malaria treatment, HIV tests/treatment, deworming, family planning, and child checkups.
3) COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS. Community groups collect $0.30-$0.60 from each patient to pay fuel costs and health worker stipends. We connect groups to their health facility and empower them to manage the mobile clinics on their own to establish a long-term strategy for health service delivery.

Your contribution helps HAC and also helps countless people in Uganda receive much needed health care and medical access. Thank  you! Click on Health Access Connect below for more ways to help!

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