Are you interested in selling our products at your oil event, house party or booth? We are now offering event boxes where you can earn a free product and make a commission.

The box will have mixed items, the amount depending on your application information. They will all be priced the same by category: Bracelets, short necklaces, long necklaces, leather bracelets, etc. The event prices of the items will be lower than what we offer on our site to give your attendees incentive to purchase from you vs. on our website.


  • You will be responsible for the total cost of the box, so we will need to get credit card info and will charge $1.00 to it (to make sure it’s a valid card). This is to protect us in case you don’t send the unsold items back to us and as long as the box is returned.
  • At the event(s), we will ask that you keep track of what was sold and we will require you to email us that information. We will then deduct your 20% from the total that was sold and you will be responsible for paying us the rest of what was paid. We will also deduct the amount of shipping back to us (so you don’t have to pay for shipping). We will email you an invoice with the amount to pay (you can choose to pay us via PayPal, Venmo or by Credit Card via Square register).
  • You will receive 20% of everything sold and will earn a free Intention Necklace for selling over $100 of items and a bracelet for selling over $200 as a host gift.
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