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Full Chakra stones and Lava Rock essential oil diffusing aromatherapy bracelet.



Hematite: 1st Chakra- Grounding, Protecting, Positive Energy

Garnet: 1st Chakra/Base-Grounding.

Carnelian: 2nd Chakra-Emotional Stability

Tiger’s Eye & Moonstone: 3rd Chakra-Determination

Citrine: 3rd Chakra-Confidence

Aventurine: 4th Heart Chakra- Love for self and others

Jade: 4th Chakra -Heart Opener and Emotional Healer

Angelite and Lapis Lazuli: 5th Chakra-Throat Chakra- Communication, Self- Expression and Truth

Amethyst: 6th and 7th chakra- Peace and Mental Clarity.

Lava: 1st Chakra- Grounding, Balancing, Protecting


This full chakra bracelet helps to align the body, the energy flow areas and meridians. Feel More

Balanced, More Loved, Supported and Full of Life

Stone Sizes: 8 mm

Stretch Cord

Comes with the option of a sterling silver Ohm charm.

Please kindly note: The pictured bracelet is a size 7” and other sizes will have different stone counts due to sizing difference.


This bracelet comes with a courtesy 1ml vial oil of either Wild Orange or Lemongrass. 


From your own home collection of oils we would suggest using: Melissa, Frankincense, Lemongrass


We have compiled a few of our favorite suggested oils for your consideration, which have been found to best amplify the stone properties you see in this particular piece. Any therapeutic grade oil will work on your diffusing jewelry. Simply use any of our suggestions or play around with your own creative recipes and enjoy!



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