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The Heart Chakra, also known as ANAHTA, is the space located at the center of the chest on the sternum. It is best associated with the (heart of course) the circulatory system, emotions of love, passion, tenderness and inner-child issues as well as rejection. Physically it is best paralleled with the Thymus endocrine gland and its colors are green, pink and white. Stones that help to address and balance the Heart Chakra are:

  • Rose quartz is one of the most widely used stones for Heart opening. It is used to open and heal the heart. The seemingly universal rose quartz meaning calls it the stone of the heart. It’s good for aiding sleep and alleviating the physical ills associated with heart chakra imbalance. It’s also used to calm emotions, dispel negativity, and promote peace.
  • Jade — Found in color spectrum of green to white. Jake is used to balance the Heart Chakra. Jade promotes emotional and physical healing of the heart’s woes.
  • Green calcite — Semi-precious — Used to balance and stimulate. Recommended to absorb negativity and boost your physical immunity, calcite is used to promote healing and transformation.
  • Green tourmaline: Helps to open and stimulate the Heart Chakra. It is considered to be a heart rejuvenating and emotional stabilizing and healing stone.
  • Green aventurine. This stone is used often to activate the Heart Chakra. This is a stone of vitality because it helps to increase focus and soothes emotions.

Here is an additional list of healing crystals and stones to use to heal or balance the Heart Chakra:

  • green jasper
  • jade
  • emerald
  • green moldavite
  • green tourmaline
  • malachite
  • chrysoprase
  • dipotase
  • peridot
  • aventurine
  • moss agate
  • Pink Rose quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Pink Rhodochrosite

The following are a few practices that can help balance your sweet Heart Chakra. Remember to lead  with love….for yourself!

  1. Meditate quietly for 10-15 minutes each day. Breathe in love and exhale thoughts that do not serve you. Breathe in ability and breathe out doubt. Breathe in strength, patience and compassion (for yourself) and breathe out fear.
  2. Physical Touch: Get or give 20 second hugs (just enough time for your body to release serotonin, the love hormone from the brain). Massages are wonderful to receive or give as well. Use tactile objects that are soft (feathers, pillows) to soften the edges of life.
  3. Tap your sternum 20-50 times, a few sets a day to remind ourselves to be in-tuned with our heart space.
  4. Visualize your breath as pink or green when in meditation or throughout the day.
  5. Practice yoga asanas that expand and open the chest: upward facing dog, humble warrior, cobra, back bends, bow pose, fish pose,
  6. Use Rose, Melissa, Neroli Essential OIis in Massage, Bath, topically on the heart center or diffuse to raise body and environmental frequency that helps to balance and heal the heart space.

Source: The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier: A Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras