How We Give Back


We believe that giving back and taking care of our brothers and sisters around the world is our social responsibility. We constantly strive to live in gratitude for what we have and the freedoms we’ve been given. Being grateful is also about awareness.

There are millions around the world that are lacking the basic necessities to live. Though they live and struggles are relative to their environment, most of our sisters and brothers do not have a high living condition. They are barely surviving the day.

The healing properties of the stones and oils that we promote are not only for our own health and well-being, but for the well-being and health of other’s around us. We are all connected to each other as we are connected to this beautiful earth. When one of us suffer, we all suffer.

When you wear LavHa Essential Oil Jewelry, you are helping to cultivate the awareness, compassion and love to all those around you, and around the globe through goodwill and intention. Your thoughtful purchase also goes to helping many of those in need, from the women who hand-make each piece of jewelry, to the Peruvian, Ugandan and Filipino artists and tailors that embed hope, connection and peace into each collaborative design.