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Sucare Orphanage Home, Tanzania

Sucare Orphanage Home, Tanzania

Meet Kennedy. He is a young man that started an orphanage on his own in the impoverished country, Tanzania.

In Tanzania, jobs are scarce, so most young men volunteer to stay busy and gain life skills. After volunteering for a while, he was given a laptop to learn on, as part of a self reliance course and felt that his calling was to start helping others by way of creating and running an orphanage.




With no money to start out, but his unwavering desire to make a positive change for these little kids, Kennedy worked non-stop until he opened his orphanage.

He currently has 23 children, ages 1-6 years old.

Kennedy's desire to do nonprofit and giving back can be witnessed on his social media pages, where he uses the internet and a facebook page to educate and gain donations and volunteers to assist in sponsorships. 


He prolifically documents the everyday on-goings of his happy orphanage and what great gains your helpful donations are doing. His dream has quickly fruitioned to him now running a successful orphanage full time, with 23 little sweet angeles. Every purchase of LavHa jewelry helps to support Kennedy and his orphanage by buying food, clothes, water and learning materials for these children.

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