On the quantum physics level, we know that everything is made up of atoms, which is made up of energy. Everything in nature has its own vibrational frequency (energy vibration) as do we. We can use different elements in nature to align and work with our own vibrational energies in healing. In eastern practices, it’s called the Chakras, Qigong, Ayurveda, etc. (depending on the culture) and acupuncture work with the energy meridians as well. With the stones, we know that they each have their own vibrational frequency (measured in megahertz) by how they were created, their colors, and makeup. This knowledge has been passed down anciently, through different cultures, through their experiences with them and have, in modern times, been proven scientifically.

Below is an article we recommend reading about the science behind vibrational frequencies and how our bodies health depends on how high our frequency is. This article talks specifically about food, but we know we can measure the frequency of any natural element. Natural stones and essential oils have high vibrational frequencies, rose oil is one of the highest at 320 MHz.


Essential oils are the smallest molecules on the plants. They are in every part of the plants and act as the plant's natural defense system against disease, viruses and germs. The oils penetrate our skin immediately and also pass through the cell membrane. Viruses affect us within the cell and bacteria stay outside the cells (because of their sizes). Western drugs can only kill bacteria because they can’t penetrate the cell membrane. So the essential oils are very powerful on a physical basis. Their fragrances also have major benefits and are why aromatherapy is very important cross-culturally. Both stones and oils have extensive physical and emotional benefits.

We believe that both the stones and oils will only work when we, as the user, understand and are aware of their healing properties. So, part of the healing comes from us being open to their energy. Our thoughts and emotions play a major roll on our vibrational frequency as positive thoughts, love and joy are high vibration emotions and we know that stress, fear and despair will bring us down as well as make us sick. We believe, as do most eastern practices, that we each have the power within to heal ourselves emotionally and physically, but we can use mother nature and the elements around us to facilitate that healing.

So, this brings us to our jewelry. These bracelets and the stones used are considered “yoga bracelets”. In Yoga, each pose has a meditative purpose and in opening and balancing the chakras. People who practice yoga understand that the stones will do the same and that there are specific stones associated with each chakra. We’ve taken these stones and added lava to each piece of jewelry because of its porous nature to hold and diffuse the essential oils. Lava, itself, has very powerful properties of strength and courage. We believe that when you combine the properties of the stones and oils, they amplify each other. The bracelets act as a personal diffuser and will diffuse the oil for up to 3 days. So the oils will, microscopically, get into your skin and you will have the aromatherapy benefits as you wear them as well. After the 3 days and the fragrance dissipates, you can use a different oil them.




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