LavHā Tribe
The LavHa Tribe is a community that aspires to create compassionate giving and support others around the world as well as empower its members to have more access to our therapeutic healing products. The bigger our tribe, the closer and more connected we are to extended family, friends, and loved ones.

The LavHa Tribe is also an extension of helping hands that aim to support LavHa’s on-going mission to spread awareness to developed countries and real, concrete action to those living in poverty, without access to healthcare and in danger (though our growing charities across the globe). Thank you for your hand in this movement.
As a member of our Tribe we offer the following benefits:

  • Reward Program - You can now accrue points for every purchase you make, sharing our products, signing up for an account, etc. You get 1 point for each dollar spent and can cash those points in for credit on our store.
  • Retail Wholesale Accounts - If you own a store and would like to sell our products, you can register as a retail wholesaler for 40% off of our retail prices. Fill out an application!
  • Individual Wholesale Account - We offer wholesale pricing of 30% off to anyone who wants to purchase in bulk of 10 items or more. This is a good option if you host oil education classes or like to have a booth at any event. Fill out an application!
  • Event Boxes – Do you want to make a 20% commission for selling our jewelry? We offer event boxes for you to sell our products at a booth, oil education class, house party, etc. 

Please note: Purchases under any wholesale account do not include the 1ml vial courtesy oil or gift bag as when ordered at retail price online. They will, however, be available to be purchased separately.

By being part of our LavHa Tribe you will help our collective mission to continue to benefit charities in the Philippines, Peru, Africa and other communities, local and international villages, their traditional art form, create jobs, and empower them to raise above the poverty and cultivate change and better lives. There is no better way to spread this feeling of abundance, love and holistic healing than to be a part of our amazing LavHā Tribe. It’s the best karma project around!



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