Due to your support and purchasing from us, LavHa is able to send money each month to Kenedy and help him pay his rent to keep his orphanage running. Read his story below...
This is Kenedy Lyimo, a compassionate 24 year old founder of the Support Children and Community (SUCARE) Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.
Every purchase of LavHa Essential Oil Jewelry helps change makers like Kenedy fulfill his missions and dreams of spreading help to orphans not only in Tanzania, but all over the world through awareness, education and connection.
Here is Kenedy's story.
"I am very excited collaborating with LavHa and also the opportunity to explain why I have decided to make my mission in life to help kids. First, a little bit about me. I was born in April 1994, second of three boys to my father Hosty and mother, Christina. I went through school until level seven and had to stop because of the hard life situations, like living off of one meal per day. To make matters worse, my father was not working because he had zero education skills. In turn, both my parents got by working as a farmer. Life was extremely difficult as a farmer and earning enough money for living expenses and school fees and supplies was almost impossible. I remember suffering a lot and it still causes emotional tears when I think back to those days. 
As time went by, I started working as a porter (the one who carries the cargo) for people in climbing excursions on Mount Kilimanjaro. I worked very hard for 4 tough years and finally saved enough money to do something in my community and support the children who are orphans and also those who are living in hard life conditions similar to my parents. I thought about starting a NGO which made the most sense to me, but wondered how I could overcome the challenge of communication with people outside my country of Tanzania to spread the word and raise more money for my vision. I decided to sign up in a nearby college that provided English and French courses for a low price and took six months off or work to study those two languages. The next step was to find where I would be able to learn how to take care of children and started volunteering at the Faraja Orphanage Home every day. It was during my time there I learned how to help feed and take care of the basic needs of the children. I was also able to communicate with outside visitors of the orphanage in English which was a great advantage.
In the early parts of 2017, I met Mindy Hawkins (pictured above), a kind change maker and humanitarian, and that moment changed my life.  I got to witness first hand her passion to help orphan children the way she worked and treated children left the strongest imprint on me. Finally, in November 2017, I took the delightful leap and decide to start my project, "SUPPORT CHILDREN AND COMMUNITY"  which helps orphans and those who are living in hard life situation and community too. I took all my money from portering and rented a place for 3 months (to start) to live out my purpose and vision, which is to help children. I do this to spread kindness, love and the deep belief that God would never leave me alone in my journey and service. The orphanage started with two children, Freddie and Prince.
With the help of Mindy, I now have 23 children that come to the orphanage. 13 are orphans and the other 10 are children who are living difficult life circumstances and need a home, food or love.
I am truly happy to help and love each and every one of them, but we all still need more help. The rent needed to pay for operating, food and maintenance cost is extremely high and the rent seems to be unfairly raised each month. I continue to work on Saturdays outside of the orphanage  as a local guide to visitors because I speak English and French, but it's still not enough. I thank all the people who have helped me see that my vision and mission is continued and championed and also so grateful for God and my faith to support me and the orphanage. 
God bless you all.
Regards, Brother Kennedy."


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