The LavHa Calm Heart Bracelet Balance your emotions, feelings and mood, so you can celebrate life.


As a woman, your emotions can be all over the place.

However, if you’re not in touch with managing your emotions and thoughts, than every day can be like a roller coaster. You’re up. You’re down. You’re sad. You’re happy. You’re all over the place. Your day hinges on what someone else says, how they look at you, or what they do.

But now you can balance your emotions naturally with our LavHa Calm Heart essential oil.

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It's arm candy with a purpose.

The LavHa Calm Heart Bracelet

Rose Quartz is known for its emotional balancing powers, which help with forgiveness, and compassion (to ourselves and others). It also brings peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort and stimulates the imagination. It is a great self-esteem and self-worth promoter for the body and mind.

Agates have a deep calming energy that cultivates a sense of safety and security. Known to many as a protective stone with strong grounding powers, Agates also inspire people to resolve lingering problems.

Lava is a stone of strength, courage, and growth, and it can absorb essential oils and diffuse them for up to three days.

 Increase your love and compassion

 Enhance your emotional intuition

 Improve communication and nurturing in relationships

 Find courage as you grow

Calm Heart Essential Oil from LavHa (sold separately)

The LavHa Calm Heart essential oil blend is a unique blend of pure essential oils designed to help you process emotions, release pent up stress and find a positive release for feelings of discomfort and anxiety.

With a gentle and completely natural combination of sweet Orange and Grapefruit, grounding Fir and powerful Frankincense. The Lavha Calm Heart blend works as an effective aromatherapy combination to calm emotions and help you focus on core issues without distraction.

You can apply to our LavHa essential oil jewelry for up to 3 days of aromatic bliss.

Calm Heart Bracelet


 Calm Heart Bracelet
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