Introducing the new LavHa Essential Oil Pen

Click. Brush. Breathe.

Now, you’re one click away from perfectly applying your Essential Oils to your LavHa bracelets with just the right amount of oil.

Introducing, the LavHa Pen.

We designed the LavHa Pen for you.

Over the years, so many of you have asked how to best apply your essentials oils to your LavHa jewelry without making a mess, or without wasting oil.

Now, we have the answer with the brand new LavHa pen.

All you do is Click… Brush… and Breathe.

It’s that simple.

The LavHa pen:

• Fits conveniently in your purse or pocket

• You can take it anywhere

• Doesn’t leak

• No mess

• No waste

Try your LavHa pen today.

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LavHa Pen 6-pack

Get 6 amazing LavHa essential oil pens and save with this convenient 6-pack!


Anxiety Release

Find the natural power to ground yourself with feelings of calm, stability and daily peace using aromatherapy power from this remarkable essential oil blend.


Calm Heart

Don’t let pent up emotions keep you from fully embracing life – understand yourself first with the help of essential oil aromatherapy.


Exalted Energy

Uncover deep resources inside yourself with natural essential oil aromatherapy designed to tap into feelings of energy and daily physical resilience.


Helm of Protection

Give your immunity a natural advantage with this powerful blend of natural essential oils designed to boost your body’s protective systems.


Mindful Breath

Set a renewed focus on your breathing with the power of pure essential oils – support healthy habits, find improved meditation, ease feelings of congestion and soothe feelings of irritation in the respiratory system.


Root to Rise

Discover naturally strong footing with this calming and focusing aromatherapy scent – a foundational blend of the best essential oils for emotional and intellectual grounding.


Solstice Bliss

Keep your body and mind feeling stable and content with this essential oil blend designed specifically to help you focus on priorities and manage the demands of daily life.


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